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Weeknotes #10

Weeknotes #10 – Giovanni Collazo

Weeknotes #9

Weeknotes #9 – Giovanni Collazo

Weeknotes #8

Weeknotes #8 – Giovanni Collazo


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Weeknotes #7

Weeknotes #7 – Giovanni Collazo

“The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed.”

  • William Gibson


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Weeknotes #6

Weeknotes #6 – Giovanni Collazo


Mac SE Easter Egg

Trammell Hudson's Projects


Weeknotes #5

Weeknotes #5 – Giovanni Collazo

Bug bounty programs have emerged as a crucial cybersecurity measure, allowing organizations to harness the skills of the security community in identifying and resolving vulnerabilities before malicious actors can exploit them.

Running a Bug Bounty Program Without Spending a Fortune – Giovanni Collazo

Unpopular opinion: Many (most?) web apps could run on a single cheap VM, but a lot of developers are convinced that anything that's not pressing the TAB key to Copilot suggestions is too hard and not worth it.

Weeknotes #4

Weeknotes #4 – Giovanni Collazo

If your SPA is just taking JSON and adding some HTML to display on the browser and you don’t have a highly interactive and stateful UI you are wasting your complexity budget

Weeknotes #3

Weeknotes #3 – Giovanni Collazo


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Sao Paulo: The City With No Outdoor Advertisements

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Weeknotes #2 – Giovanni Collazo

I’m trying to post more regularly so I stole this weeknotes idea from Simon Willison’s Weblog. The plan is to share articles, videos, books and things I learn. Here’s the first one.

Weeknotes #1 – Giovanni Collazo

Unpopular opinion: AWS CloudWatch Logs is better than most other logs and metrics solutions out there

Sobran las ideas y las buenas intenciones, lo que hace falta es ejecución efectiva, rendición de cuentas y consecuencias cuando se falle.

Aquí cualquier pelagatos dirige una agencia y nadie le exige nada más que visitar a Rubén Sánchez de vez en cuando y no parecer subnormal.

El problema no es falta de imaginación ni maldad (en muchos casos), el problema es incompetencia.

«Nunca atribuyas a la maldad lo que se explica adecuadamente por la estupidez»


🤓The browser tab was a great invention


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No lies detected

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How much of winning a war is just logistics?

TIL where Debian code names come from: "So far they have been characters taken from the Toy Story movies by Pixar"


Not understanding the difference between logging, metrics and traces allows me to do all using structured logs and search. It works!

Self-hosting PostgreSQL is possible

TIL that @digitalocean Spaces have support for lifecycle configuration. So my backups bucket now takes care of purging old stuff

How to Set an Expiration Policy on DigitalOcean Spaces Buckets

Boring tech is my favorite tech


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Writing Python like it's Rust

Favorite Tiny Desk Concerts

Favorite Tiny Desk Concerts – Giovanni Collazo


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Django's internationalization and localization features are great but if you add Poedit to your workflow it's hard not to justify having multi-language support in your apps.

Poedit Translation Editor — Poedit

¡Buenos días!

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Django class-based views are harder to use than function-based views. With CBVs, one must constantly reference the docs to understand the order of method calls, their args, and return types. On the other hand, FBVs get a req and return a res, plain and simple.

Another incredible product

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🏝️ 😎 🏝️

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All HTMX does, is make the browser better at hypermedia by giving us more options regarding what can trigger an HTTP request and allowing us to update a part of the page rather than a full page reload.


Page not found - Prime Video Tech

You don’t need serverless functions at the edge

Just write a state machine and call it a day

Inside the secret list of websites that make AI like ChatGPT sound smart

See the websites that make AI bots like ChatGPT sound so smart - Washington Post


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web dev can be very simple and very powerful

🏴‍☠️ Not paying a ransom in a doble extorsion scheme is not always the best option.

If we want the Web to stay relevant we must put huge emphasis on accessibility, usability and design.

YES superficial artsy-fartsy design too. How things look and feel is part of the experience and the Web must be as good or better than proprietary platforms like Android and iOS

Some times the solution is to create a private CA 😶🔫

Running servers with quality software isn’t as scary as someone wants you to think.

Choose boring tools – Eduards Sizovs

Git Worktree: Enhance your Git Workflow

Git Worktree: Enhance your Git Workflow

Multiple sources of truthiness™

For the past few months, I've mostly been coding by myself. One thing that has helped a lot is that I stopped using GitHub issues and instead create TODO/FIXME comments in the code.

I use a VSCODE extension called Todo Tree to index the comments. For Xcode projects, I found a tiny script that finds the comments and creates a warning when the build runs.

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If you owned the hardware your software is running on you would never consider serverless functions as the architecture


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TIL: Go (like JavaScript) does automatic semicolon insertion

It’s Alive!!!

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Selling MVP quality software is 100x easier than selling highly polished software that only exists on a slide deck. Sadly, if you want to sell a product, you have to build it. You could also fake it but IMHO it’s almost always waste of time.

Just updated my "uses" page

Uses – Giovanni Collazo

True story

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Public service, if your Apple TV remote stops controlling the TV volume just restart the remote. YES the remote


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I like vim for simple and quick file editing but prefer vscode for web dev.

I get people that have a vim/neovim setup that has evolved over years to fit their needs. I envy experienced vim users and how fast they move.

I don’t get people just getting started with vim trying to recreate vscode by installing lots of plugins and spending a lot of time configuring stuff. Most of this people would be better served by enabling vim mode on a more preconfigured editor.



Dumb Password Rules

Agree. At this point in my career focusing on a single thing feels too limiting and boring TBH

Inspiration is perishable

True Story

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“ChatGPT Is a Blurry JPEG of the Web”

Si estás haciendo software para un negocio que su idioma principal no es Inglés, está bien (y recomiendo) usar los nombres que usa el negocio en el idioma que sea #unpopularopinion

✉️ Email signstures. Please stop! 🛑

Having Touch ID on the external keyboard is a tiny quality of life improvement that I really enjoy

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After years of building SPAs, getting back to the web framework approach to making web apps feels like cheating

🌮 Monday? 🍺

Trolls World Tour is crazy!

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📸 🌙

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Been writing quite a lot of Python 🐍 lately. Like it!


People using React actually look at Facebook and see excellent front end development?

Trying to use the built-in terminal in iOS instead of iTerm 😵‍💫

Lambda Cold Starts analysis. Visualize 10 Cold Starts for each runtime, updated daily


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Everytime I have to setup git on a new machine theres a new login method 😵‍💫

Good security engineering has little to do with compliance ✨

Hey YouTubers please remove the mic from the frame or even better use a lavalier 🧘‍♂️

New website for my consulting business

Custom software & digital marketing

The React ecosystem is great if what you sell is online courses and YouTube video views

Switched to using Firefox full time and the experience has been great. Some sites perform better than with Safari for Mac.

Don’t want to write boilerplate? Use a framework. Don’t want to use a framework? Write boilerplate. 👻

Great artists need to know a thing or two about marketing their work

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Usar ChatGPT para generar los talking points de los fotutos

Llevar a tres niños a la escuela todos los dias y a tiempo es una batalla 😥

Just realized that I can add Beluga 🐳 support to a lot of shared hosting providers by creating a simple PHP script to list, updaload and delete files. The script must also authenticate the user and restrict files operations to the correct folder. IT’S DOABLE!


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☠️ OUCH! “malicious individual who knew a target node’s database ID could generate and accept a sharing invite for that node without being an admin of the target node’s tailnet”

Security Bulletins · Tailscale

Great post. I need to read it again


Bought a new laptop

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This is an insane AWS bill


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🤔 In software going wide (superficial features) is better for sales than going deep (complex domain specific features). Good software is a mix of both, great software finds the perfect balance.

The Fake Cisco

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My touchbar now flashes 📸 a bright white light for a few minutes every time I wake up my laptop

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Our art gallery

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Password notebooks are a good idea for most non-technical users. There’s only a few tuings to have in mind to stay secure. The notebook never leaves the house, keep it in a safe place and use a different passphrase for every app or site.

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I’ve been doing some Django web app development these days and I have to say it again. Django is great! 🔥

I missed Django for Web development. It’s really good.

This is crazy

Wireframes are my favorite kind of spec for MVP software 👨‍💻

The Rivian R1S looks like the Simpsons' Canyonero 🚗

Some folks have asked how will Beluga 🐳 handle a user with thousands of posts.

The short answer is that the beluga.json feed can be trucated after a fixed number of posts. The JSON Feed spec includes a next_url field to handle pagination. I will implement this on the app very soon.

I like this

This week I will release a new version of Beluga fixing some of the reported issues with Backblaze

✈️ Going home ☀️


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❄️ Posting from my vacation just to test the experience with horrible connectivity ⛄️

First post from the cloud ✈️

Make th web weird agan

Building a website like it's 1999... in 2022 - localghost

Getting ready ⛄️ ❄️ for the family winter vacation

This is good

Things to argue about over the holidays instead of politics


Notice of Recent Security Incident - The LastPass Blog

The feedback from yesterday’s launch was great thank you all 🐳

My response to the large feed problem

Currently on the #1 spot on Lobsters

Beluga 🐳 got to the #12 spot on Product Hunt

Just published the website

Beluga - A Space For Your Short Posts

Beluga 🐳 will launch tomorrow on Product Hunt

I think I might be able to add partial Mastodon 🐘 support to Beluga 🐳

“code isn’t really written so much as beaten it into shape and then refactored”


Take note

Never Use Text Pixelation To Redact Sensitive Information | Bishop Fox

🔥 Very productive day. Designed a website before lunch, worked on some documents for Beluga 🐳 and debugged an issue on an old web app ✨

Development of the Beluga 🐳 website is getting started. Looks like I’m launching the app at some point next week.

NIST Retires SHA-1 Cryptographic Algorithm | NIST

GitHub broke the back button

How to rebuild social media on top of RSS

Today I spent all day working on the web site design of

Anoche recibí este intento de phishing via SMS diseñado para clientes de FirstBank

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Playing with ActivityPub -


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Now we wait

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Beluga usa el formato JSONFeed para maximizar su compatibilidad. Muchos lectores RSS pueden leer este formato.

En el update de hoy de Beluga arreglé algunos issues en el website generado y también resolvi un problema con los link previews que hacia que aparecieran en el feed (beluga.json)


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I would try this

Apple introduces Apple Music Sing - Apple

Reading text from a web page in Swift is possible but not that obvious

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Lo mejor de este break del trabajo que estoy tomando es que apenas recibo emails 🥳

iOS tiene una cantidad gigante de APIs que funcionan excepcionalmente bien

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Hello, World!